Largest places in Lebanon

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Largest places in Lebanon
Beirut Beirut1.Beyrouth Beyrouth1,916,100
Tripoli Tripoli2.Liban-Nord Liban-Nord229,398
Sidon Sidon3.South Governorate South Governorate163,554
Tyre Tyre4.South Governorate South Governorate135,204
Nabatiye et Tahta Nabatîyé et Tahta5.Nabatiye Nabatîyé120,000
Habbouch Habboûch6.Nabatiye Nabatîyé98,433
Jounieh Jounieh7.Mont-Liban Mont-Liban96,315
Zahle Zahlé8.Beqaa Béqaa78,145
Ghazieh Ghazieh9.South Governorate South Governorate50,000
Baalbek Baalbek10.Baalbek-Hermel Baalbek-Hermel30,916
En Naqoura En Nâqoûra11.South Governorate South Governorate24,910
Jbail Jbaïl12.Mont-Liban Mont-Liban20,784
Bcharre Bcharré13.Liban-Nord Liban-Nord20,000
Batroun Batroûn14.Liban-Nord Liban-Nord10,852
Baabda Baabda15.Mont-Liban Mont-Liban9,000
Hrajel Hrajel16.Mont-Liban Mont-Liban8,000
Bhamdoun el Mhatta Bhamdoûn el Mhatta17.Mont-Liban Mont-Liban5,000
Aanjar Aanjar18.Beqaa Béqaa2,400
Ain Ebel Ain Ebel19.Nabatiye Nabatîyé2,000
Bhamdoun Bhamdoun20.Mont-Liban Mont-Liban1,500
Fadous Fadous21.Liban-Nord Liban-Nord750
Cheikhlar Cheïkhlar22.Aakkar Aakkâr500

1 - 22 of 22 places

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